Semi-permeable Filters for Interior Region of Interest Dose Reduction in X-ray Microscopy

Yixing Huang, Leonid Mill, Robert Stoll, Lasse Kling, Oliver Aust, Fabian Wagner, Anika Grüneboom, Georg Schett, Silke Christiansen, Andreas Maier
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Lehrstuhl für Mustererkennung


In osteoporosis research, the number and size of lacunae in cortical bone tissue are important characteristics of osteoporosis development. In order to reconstruct lacunae well in X-ray microscopy while protecting bone marrow from high-dose damage in in-vivo experiments, semi-permeable X-ray filters are proposed for dose reduction. Compared with an opaque filter, image quality with a semi-permeable filter is improved remarkably. For image reconstruction, both iterative reconstruction with reweighted total variation (wTV) and FDK reconstruction from penalized weighted least-square (PWLS) processed projections can reconstruct lacunae when the transmission rate of the filter is as small as 5%. However, PWLS is superior in computation efficiency.

Postersession 1, Imaging and Image Reconstruction


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