A Geometric and Textural Model of the Colon as Ground Truth for Deep Learning-based 3D-reconstruction

Ralf Hackner, Sina Walluscheck, Edgar Lehmann, Thomas Eixelberger, Volker Bruns, Thomas Wittenberg
Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen


For endoscopic examinations of the large intestine, the limited field of vision related to the keyhole view of the endoscope can be a problem. A panoramic view of the video images acquired during a colonoscopy can potentially enlarge the field of view in real-time and may ensure that the performing physician has examined the entire organ. To train and test such a panorama-generation system, endoscopic video sequences with information about the geometry are necessary, but rarely exist. Therefore, we created a virtual phantom of the colon with a 3Dmodelling software and propose different methods for realistic looking textures. This allows us to perform a "virtual colonoscopy" and provide a well-defined test environment as well as supplement our training data for deep learning.

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