Finale Abgabe

Dear Authors,

congratulations to the acceptance of your BVM 2021 paper. As you know, BVM organization is decentralized, and the TU-Braunschweig team is compiling the proceedings, which will be published with Springer, Berlin.

The next steps:

  1. Please refer to the latest version of the author kit: Deutsch:
  2. Please take into account the comments of the reviewers and update your paper accordingly.
  3. Please pack your submission according to the author’s guidelines
  4. Please submit that package via (You can login with your tracking number (paper ID) and your email as password. If your tracking number is not composed out of 4 digits, please add 3000 to your paper ID) Our system will check your package with respect to compliance with the authors guidelines. Once the upload is complete, you can submit a revision until the team has started to process your paper.
    Hence, you should use this option only in emergencies and submit final versions only. However, we appreciate early submssions as this allows us to start the compilation process right now.
    So, if all required modifications are done, please do not hesitate and submit instantaniously.
    This will also yield a more relaxed Christmas holiday for you.
    In case of any problems, please contact:

Ihr BVM-Komitee

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